Unleash your inner MasterChef
  • Prathamesh & Sanyukta

Unleash your inner MasterChef

Our nation has been practising lockdown since last one month to stop the spread of Covid-19. Everyone has realized that it's a crucial time and a golden opportunity for all of us to do all the things which we couldn't do before because of the lack of time. People want to spend their quarantine period productively and most of us should have noticed how people are discovering their inner masterchef. We humans can try and change any habit of ours, but what remains constant irrespective of any situation is our LOVE FOR FOOD! Everyone's stressed over things and situation, but did you ever wonder what's for the save? Simply spell "stressed" backwards. Yes, that's exactly what I mean, "desserts". According to a research, eating or drinking sweets may decrease the production of the stress-related hormone glucocorticoid - which has been linked to obesity and decreased immune response. And above that, who doesn't wish to satisfy their taste buds and eat what we call "Restaurant-Like-Food"! Here's to the Wheat Sheera, an authentic sweet dish with extra-ordinary flavour and the most mentionable part - made from the ingredients which are readily available at everyone's home like wheat flour, ghee, jaggery, etc and one can also use grated coconut and sliced almonds for a perfect garnish. We, from Hungrydiary pledge and request to all the citizen to stay home, stay safe, we all have to fight against this virus being "ONE" just by following the instructions given by government. Keep cooking, keep eating, eat fresh, eat healthy!❤

- Sanyukta


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