The Third Eye Café
  • Prathamesh & Sanyukta

The Third Eye Café

The Third Eye Café an amazing place to just relax and enjoy your favourite meal or beverages. The aura exuding from the café is very warm and welcoming. As soon as you step into the café you are welcomed by the amazing aesthetics and ambiance of the place which are overall very comforting and set you into a splendid mood. Let’s talk about the food! The food is just amazing in every aspect, as for us we ordered a ‘Paneer Tikka Naan Pizza’ and holy mother of dragons were our expectations exceeded way over! The picture alone is considerably enough for mouths to water but trust us it is x100 times more satisfying when that soft naan bread and cheese enters your mouth and there’s a plethora of flavours dancing in coordination in your mouth. PURE HEAVEN!! And all this goodness just for 400 bucks which is quite affordable if you compare it with some other cafes and the portions at the café are also pretty enormous. A perfect place to take your partner on a date and spend some quality time, for friends to hang out and an amazing seating for families to spend time too. The staff at the café are very cooperative and professional, the food arrives within a couple of minutes, and the place overall is very affordable given the quality of the food and quick service. So, considering all the factors we would give this place a solid 8 on 10 recommendation to visit.

Written by - Prathamesh


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