Dribbling Spoonfuls
  • Prathamesh & Sanyukta

Dribbling Spoonfuls

Updated: Apr 13

Buttery fingers as I make an effort to separate a piece from the bread, heavenly feels as I take a whiff, satiated taste buds as the mashed veggies melted in every bite. No food item can ever offer you a delightful experience literally everytime you have it like Pav Bhaji does!

What I'd comment on Pav Bhaji is, it posses a kind of Lordship. Believe me, when you are bewildered among hundreds of food dishes, you would never regret ordering Pav Bhaji at the end of day. It's aroma, intense flavour and richness in every aspects are few reasons why Pav Bhaji always tops in my favourite list.

Pav Bhaji is served in number of types. For instance, Butter Pav Bhaji, Cheese Pav Bhaji, Jain Pav Bhaji, Special Pav Bhaji and what not! Guess what makes it even special? It's price range starts from around ₹40 and goes up to few hundreds, say ₹500-600. Irrespective of source of buying, a street corner stall, a cafe or an expensive restaurant or Mom's special home made, Pav Bhaji never fails to make you carry a smile on your face for hours!😉

Hungry Diary appreciates MR FOODY restaurant for a pleasing experience and serving us with one of the best Pav Bhaji we have ever tasted. Guess what's cherry on the top? It has a pocket friendly menu and a good costumer service. Also, this restaurant is Avengers themed, decorated with few masks and posters. They have named each table after an Avengers' character. Indeed a best fit for friends meet up and family gatherings.

MR FOODY has amazing and exciting offers, so don't forget to redeem those! It costed only ₹250 for UNLIMITED Pav Bhaji back in July'19.

You definitely can't keep calm! Because now you have a Best place + Best food + Best offers and value to money combo🔥

In frame: Cheesy Pav Bhaji

Ambience: 7/10

Food: 9/10

Value for Money: 9/10

Staff: 9/10

Approx cost: 300/-

Location: Station Road, Borivali East

Written by - Sanyukta


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