Distant Craving!!
  • Prathamesh & Sanyukta

Distant Craving!!

Hello there! hope you are holding up well given the current scenario. We here at Hungry Diary are very grateful that even in these times of distress our following is supportive of us across our social media platforms, this is a perfect time for us all to try some amazing home cooked recipes as we have been doing and posting on our Instagram. From simple cake in a mug to a full bowl of ramen there are so many things one could try out while staying at home. This is the perfect time for all those “Apne haaton se banaya hai janu” moments to finally impress your significant other with your extraordinary cooking skills. There are tons of stay at home cooking videos flooding YouTube recently. So, pick that apron up and start cooking and posting your amazing dishes on social media and tag us in your post and we might post it on our Instagram!! Let us all come together and display our skills while practicing social distancing, staying and cooking at home, we don’t always need to go to fancy restaurants to experience amazing food, after all “Ghar ka Khana, Ghar ka hota hai”. Stay safe, practice social distancing and let us hope for a brighter tomorrow. Till then stay hungry!

- Prathamesh


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