Coffee by Di Bella
  • Prathamesh & Sanyukta

Coffee by Di Bella

Coffee by Di Bella exceeded the expectations of our team when we visited the café, we had gathered that it offered some amazing milkshakes and we were not let down a smidge. We enjoyed our time at the café to the most. The ambiance and aesthetics of this café are very unique and creative. Some amazing decor, the seating is also very diverse, the place is decorated and organised in a very creative manner which is very much pleasing to the eyes.

We had to order a Milkshake so we went for ‘Childhood Wonderland Bigshake’ not knowing what to expect and we also ordered a ‘Nutella Waffle’. First off, the milkshake was just amazing, a pyramid of sugary sweetness topped off with cream, marshmallows and Cadbury Gems, the epitome of sweet and tasty is the milkshake. The Nutella waffle was equally as spectacular as the milkshake, you get 2 waffles in the dish along with some vanilla and chocolate ice-cream. The waffles are just drenched in Nutella goodness.

One very distinct and impressive thing about the food here was its presentation, as one can witness from the photographs, the presentation is indeed spectacular. One can see the efforts and care this café takes in presenting their cuisines to the customers, this matched with deliciousness of the food is bound to win the hearts of visitors. Cafe Di Bella, a place pleasing to the tongue, eyes and the soul. So, considering all the factors we would give this place a solid 9 on 10 recommendation to visit.

Ambience: 9/10 Food: 9/10 Value for money: 8/10 Staff: 9/10

In frame: 1. Childhood wonderland bigshake 2.Nuttela waffle

Approx cost (for 2 ) : 1000/- Location :Runwall Greens, Mulund West.


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